Reider/Otis Scholarship: 2014-2015 Student Application

Reider/Otis Scholarship: 2014-2015 Student Application

March 22, 2015 is the deadline for the online application. Letters of recommendation must also be received by this date.
  • Contact Information

  • Student Information

  • (xxxx)
  • (i.e. Darden)
  • 1. How have you advocated for the rights of and acceptance of the LGBT community?

    2. What UVA extracurricular activities and all social, advocacy or service groups do you belong to? Please be sure to include any musical groups to which you belong.

  • Recommender's Information

  • Submission of this application implies permission for the Reider/Otis Scholarship Committee to review my University of Virginia transcript and academic records, as part of the selection process.

    Please note that upon submitting, the applicant assures that on his/her honor as a student, the information that was given is full and accurate.