Mentorship ProgramNew Alumni-to-Alumni Mentorship Program

The University of Virginia’s Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network’s (AAPAAN) is launching a NEW alumni-to-alumni mentorship program. Are you an alum looking for a mentor? Or are you an alum that would like to contribute back to the alumni community? We are actively searching for Asian and Asian Pacific American (AAPA) alumni to serve as mentors or mentees. These mentorship relationships aim to encourage networking and provide career support and guidance for inexperienced alumni through the extensive and diverse experiences of their mentors. Mentors also have the opportunity to give back to the UVA and AAPA communities.

We are seeking both mentors and mentees who are sincerely interested in developing a mentor relationship and will commit to actively contacting each other at least once a month. We highly encourage at least one face-to-face meeting a year, if possible. Please see the Alumni Mentorship Guidelines for additional information. We hope you will join us! If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete the Mentor Application.

Questions? Contact James Billings-Kang (JB) at: