With a new academic year underway at the University, we are excited to personally invite you, as an engaged alumnus, to support the Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network (AAPAAN) by joining the AAPAAN Alumni Mentoring program, supported and powered by Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM).

If you have already registered for this new program, we offer our sincere thanks. If you have yet to register, please read on for more details.

You will be able to choose your level of involvement, from a single “chat” concerning a specific question or issue, to a semester long mentorship if your busy schedule permits.

We are reaching out specifically to our engaged alumni to participate in this new initiative as its success, like all matters AAPAAN, is driven by the support and direction of the most valuable members of the alumni community. It is our hope that you will play as small or as large a role in this exciting new program as you see fit.

The AAPAAN Alumni Mentoring program provides a structured platform for students and alumni to enter into a professional mentoring relationship. Your reflections on the value of your UVA experience, expert guidance on career topics, and advice on navigating life after UVA will be an invaluable resource for current students. Below are excerpts of students underscoring the value of alumni mentoring through VAM:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to gain professional knowledge from someone who has a similar background to me.”
“Now, I have a better picture of what a career in this field means.”
“My mentor has given me many useful insights into how to build a business from the ground up.”

In short, alumni efforts in engaging with current students are indispensable to the development of the students. We ask that you join AAPAAN Alumni Mentoring by simply clicking on the following link and complete mentor registration at https://alumnimentoring.virginia.edu. Be sure to designate *AAPAAN Alumni Mentoring* in your registration to be matched with a student also affiliated with this interest area.

What is required of AAPAAN Alumni Mentors?

• Availability by via phone/Skype/email for mentoring sessions

• Completion of an on-line mentor profile and/or upload of LinkedIn profile in a secured database (You set the number of students you have the availability to mentor within your profile)

• Selection of a mentoring option (or participate in both):

Option 1: Semester-long mentoring is structured, minimally, around a monthly virtual mentoring session during the fall session (September 26-December 15) or spring 2017 session (February 1-April 24).

Option 2: Short-term mentoring supports student/alumni connections for one-time chats on a particular question or topic and is ongoing throughout the year.

To set your preferences, go to account > participation and set your number of semester-long or “flash” mentees.

Note: The mentoring match process is student-initiated based upon students’ criteria including research focus, academic disciplines, career interests, and more. Mentors review student profiles before accepting a match request.

We hope you will consider this very significant opportunity to make an impact with current students. Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you in any way and we hope to welcome you aboard AAPAAN Mentoring program.


James R Billings-Kang
AAPAAN Mentoring Committee

VAM Program Coordinator
P.O. BOX 400134
(434) 982-1873 | jm3kw@virginia.edu