Component selections have been released for the 2016 cohort.  Cadets have three options when ranking their preferred components: Active, Reserves, and National Guard.

These components are assigned to cadets based on cadet preference and the cadet Order of Merit List (OML).  The OML ranks cadets from all AROTC programs around the country based on Academics (50%), Leadership (35%), and Physical Outcomes (15%).


2016 Cohort Total: 14 cadets

Active: 12 cadets

Reserve: 2 cadets

National Guard: 0 cadets

Cadets Ranking in Top 10% of OML: 2

Distinguished Military Graduates: 5


The 2016 cohort will receive their specific branch assignments at the end of November.  This is an exciting time for these future Army officers and we wish them the best of luck.