The Cavalier Battalion participates in many extracurricular activities within ROTC that are both physically and mentally challenging.

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge gives cadets a chance to work together in teams and prove themselves in tough mental and physical competition, enhance their leadership development, and develop their team cohesion. Events like land navigation, first aid, ruck marching, and marksmanship are tested as teams compete for the Ranger Challenge trophy, and earn the Ranger Challenge tab.

Participating in Ranger Challenge takes dedication and hard work. It is not simply a matter of showing up on competition day. Cadets take extra time out of their schedule, waking up early for PT and staying up late for night land navigation. Though tough, Ranger Challenge offers valuable experience that can help cadets in ROTC and later on in the Army. They get a chance to see Army bases such as Fort Bragg and Fort Pickett, and get to meet real Army officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel at the competition, who have experience ranging from infantry to logistics to Special Forces.

UVA has always had a highly successful ranger challenge team, finishing in the top 3 for the past few years, coming in 1st place in 2009. Our cadets train hard, dedicating many extra hours to physical training and basic Army skills. They never fail to represent both the Cavalier Battalion and UVA well at competition.

Mosby’s Rangers

Mosby’s Rangers is a group of cadets who have passed qualifying standards in both physical fitness and technical skills and help train other cadets. The cadets participate in additional training that includes land navigation, shooting, ruck marching, and additional STX training exercises. These additional exercises are meant to help improve cadet scores in the APFT, Land Navigation, Drill, and other aspects of Cadet Life.



Army 10-Miler

The Army 10-Miler is the second largest 10-mile race in the US, held each year in October in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. The Cavalier Battalion proudly participates each year, sending a team to D.C. for the weekend to run in the race. The team trains together on a regular basis in order to be successful in the race.

Giving Back

The Cavalier Battalion works to help our community and the Army through philanthropic endeavors around Grounds. The Battalion participates in several activities such as Parade Rest, Operation Flag the Lawn, and the Veteran’s Day Dinner.

Parade Rest

Parade Rest is a program that provides wounded warriors with the opportunity to attend football and basketball games. At each game a cadet meets with the family to provide them with the tickets and escort them to the game. Cadets involved in Parade Rest also help to provide free tickets to active-duty service members on Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s Day Dinner

The Veteran’s Day Dinner is an annual event held on Veteran’s Day that provides students with the opportunity to dine with local veterans and personally thank them for their service. While this helps to provide a link between veterans and cadets, it also serves as a way to bridge the civil-military divide that is present on grounds. The majority of students at UVA have little to no relationship with the military and this annual dinner provides them with that opportunity.

Operation Flag the Lawn

Operation Flag the Lawn is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project. Cadets spend the day selling flags on the Lawn, which can be purchased in honor or memory of veterans or active-duty service members. After a flag is purchased it is placed on the Lawn, creating a visual representation of the UVA student body’s support of our veterans. To date, the program has raised over $8,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project.