Alumni Spotlight

Danielle Summerhill Engle ’07

Assistant S3 Operations Officer, 2-224th Aviation Helicopter Battalion 29th Infantry Division

CPT Engle graduated from the University of Virginia in 2007 after receiving a four year Army ROTC scholarship.  She volunteered to join the Virginia Army National Guard as an SMP Cadet during her 4th year in order to guarantee her desired branch.  As a Cadet, CPT Engle, then CDT Summerhill, served as the Cavalier Battalion’s S1 and was requested to serve as a Gold Bar Recruiter upon receiving her commission as a Military Intelligence officer prior to attending the Intelligence Basic Officer Leadership Course at Ft. Huachuca.

After completion of MI BOLC, CPT Engle returned to the 2-224th AVN as a staff officer to lead the Intelligence section.  After her promotion to 1LT and serving as a staff officer for several months, CPT Engle was asked to attend flight school in an effort to keep her within the Aviation Battalion and counter an imminent move to division.  She readily accepted, and completed Initial Entry Rotary Wing Course, better known as Flight School in January 2011.  Shortly thereafter, she joined her unit in Ft. Hood for mobilization prior to their deployment to Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn where she served as a line pilot, Battle Captain, and a Flight Company Platoon Leader.  CPT Engle was recently promoted, currently serves as the Assistant Operations Officer for the 2-224th AHB as a staff officer, and plans to attend the Aviation Captain’s Career Course in the near future.

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