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Worthy Master’s Report and Executive Board Introduction

Delta Chapter Alumni,

My name is Matthew Foreman, and I am the current Worthy Master of ATΩ Delta. Like other UVA fraternities, we faced headwinds in recruitment this year, which means we must work extra hard next year to recruit strong brothers. My executive board will accomplish this by overhauling our Rush process, particularly with informal fall recruiting efforts; bringing the fraternity closer together in the spring through a brotherhood retreat; and by giving more say to the brothers and improving executive board transparency. I’m confident we will be able to accomplish all this and more thanks to the strength and talent of our Brotherhood.

As for my background: I am a third-year, from Waldorf Maryland, majoring in Computer Science. Outside of ATΩ, I’m on the executive board for Student Council, and I am a member of Organization of Young Filipino Americans and the Persian Cultural Society. In my free time I enjoy reading, bird-watching, and of course hanging with the brothers!
Below you will find introductions from the rest of the executive board. We look forward to seeing you all at 125 Chancellor the next time you’re in Charlottesville!

Matthew Foreman

Executive Board

Jordan Sternbach – Worthy Marshall

I’m a third-year from Merrick, New York (Long Island), concentrating in accounting and management in the Commerce School. My goal as the chapter’s Worthy Marshall is to increase the chapter’s accountability and keep morale high. Outside of the fraternity I am an active volunteer at Madison house.

Chris Hume – Social Chair

I’m a third-year from Arlington, Virginia, majoring in Systems Engineering. My goal as the chapter’s social chair is to bring the brotherhood together through social events to enhance our relationship with the greater UVA community and the friends of the brotherhood. Outside of the fraternity I’m involved in the Third-Year Council, I DJ and produce music, and am an avid soccer fan.

Colin Cantwell – Chaplain

I’m a third-year from Lexington, Massachusetts, currently living in Fairfax, Virginia, and double majoring in Foreign Affairs and Spanish. My goal as the chapter’s Chaplain is to bring the new Beta Beta pledge class closer to the rest of the chapter. Outside of the fraternity, I’m involved in Madison House, which is a community service organization, the Cavalier Daily, and political campaign work.

Jack Kilduff – Health and Safety Officer

I’m a second-year from Norfolk, Virginia majoring in Chemical Engineering. As the Health and Safety Officer, my goals are to ensure the safety and well-being of all brothers and pledges, and to be proactive in countering risk in our fraternity. Outside of the chapter, I’m involved with the Trigon Engineering Society, and I enjoy sailing and playing fantasy football.

Jason Watkins – WKE

I’m a second-year from Reston, Virginia majoring in Computer Science in the Engineering School. As the WKE my goal is to make finances more transparent to the chapter, and to maximize the ever-important ratio of brotherhood to cost. On Grounds, I compete in the inter-collegiate programming competition, and I’m also part of the parkour club!

Ian Smith – House Manager

I’m a third-year from Virginia Beach, Virginia majoring in Financial Economics. My goal as House Manager is to give our house the care and maintenance it deserves, and work on long term improvements. Outside the fraternity, I’m involved with the Burke society (a philosophical debate club), the Salsa Dancing club, and the Shotgun Shooting club.

Aidan Jacobs – Scribe

I’m a second-year from West Chester, Pennsylvania majoring in Systems Engineering. I was Pledge Class President, and now as Scribe, I intend to keep the brotherhood informed about the goings on of the chapter. Outside the chapter I love to stay active through intramural sports and the Racquetball club, and I split my time supporting both UVA athletics as well as my local Philadelphia sports.