Omicron Chapter Facts

Rhodes Scholars:

  • Paul K. Hennessy, Virginia ‘24
  • Armistead L. Boothe, Virginia ’28


UVA landmarks associated with Beta:

  • Dillard Student Residences – Hardy Cross Dillard, Virginia ’27
  • Olssen Hall – Sture Olssen, Virginia ‘42
  • Gravesite of UVA mascot ‘Beta’ outside of the University Cemetery
  • Jefferson Scholars Foundation – location of former Beta Theta Pi House (1979-2007)
  • Winged Aviator Statue – memorial to James Rogers McConnell, Virginia ’10 – only statue dedicated to a student on grounds, sculpted by Gutzon Borglum, the man who sculpted the Monument on Mount Rushmore.
  • Beta Bridge – UVA’s unofficial site for Jeffersonian free speech, being painted numerous times each day with statements and announcements – aka the C&O Railroad Bridge on Rugby Road, located beside of the Beta House.
  • Venable House/Venable Neighborhood/Venable School – Professor Charles Scott Venable – Hampden Sidney 1850 – honorary member of the Omicron Chapter – buried in the University cemetery