Last summer, Cavalier Daily alumni rallied to raise more than $75,000 in the span of a few weeks to keep the newspaper in its historic home of Newcomb Hall. This extraordinary show of support enabled the CD not only to pay off its outstanding rent debt, but also to establish a rainy-day fund for up to a year’s worth of rent payments. This demonstrated the CD’s ability to remain in good standing in its Newcomb Hall home for the long term.

Now, the CD is close to securing an even greater measure of security in its Newcomb Hall home. The newspaper’s Managing Board is currently in discussions with the University administration regarding a five-year lease for space in the Newcomb Hall basement. This will provide the newspaper with an unprecedented level of stability as existing rent rates will be frozen for the duration of the contract and the next generation of CD staff members will be guaranteed a space at the heart of Grounds in which to congregate and run their operations.

The contract under discussion is for space directly across the hall from the CD’s current office in the Newcomb Hall basement. This location is currently in use as the Media Activities Center, which will be partitioned and fully renovated to accommodate the CD’s operational needs. The Managing Board and staff thoroughly evaluated the space prior to beginning discussions with Newcomb Hall, and they are excited about the opportunities that the new space creates.

The CD expects to have the new lease signed and the office space renovations complete by August, in time for the start of the 2016-17 academic year. Along with the upcoming hire of a professional business manager and this year’s resumption of summer production, the completion of the new lease will drive toward the CD and CDAA’s mutual goal of ensuring the newspaper has the financial and operational stability needed to continue producing outstanding journalism and training the next generation of media professionals.

Stay tuned for updates about the CD’s move across the hall and an invitation to visit the new space once the renovations are complete. If you have any questions about the new lease in the meantime, please reach out to CD Editor-in-Chief Dani Bernstein and CDAA President Matthew Cameron.

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  1. It’s great to know that the office space renovation is expected to be finished right before this year’s start of academic year. It should be fully functional to further achieve those goals and continue being beneficial in the world of journalism and media.

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