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Cavalier Daily Alumni Association
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Alumni Contributions, Congratulations

Welcome to our new CDAA Board Members!

In a conference call with the CDAA Board on February 25, 2017, five new members were unanimously voted onto the Board.

Julia Horowitz, Dan Keyserling, John Lumpkin, Sabra Purtill and George Rodrigue will join, bringing the total Board number up to 20.

Horowitz (Col. ’16; editor-in-chief), Keyserling (Col. ’08; executive editor), Lumpkin (Col. ’71) and Purtill (Col. ’84; copy editor) will serve as At-Large Members.

As part of these changes, the Financial Advisory Board was dissolved as an independent entity and absorbed within the CDAA Board with the same charter. Rodrigue (Col. ’78; editor-in-chief) will serve as Financial Advisory Chair. Financial Advisory Committee members will be Rodrigue, Purtill, Lumpkin and Tim Wheeler (Col. ’74; editor-in-chief). CDAA President Matt Cameron (Col. ’13; editor-in-chief) and Mike Reingold (Col. ’18; editor-in-chief) will serve on the committee ex officio.