The Cavalier Daily Alumni Association Board of Directors


Matt Cameron (Col. ’13; editor-in-chief)

Vice-President of Fundraising

Gracie Kreth

Vice-President of Outreach

Tim Dodson


Alexis Gravely


Tyler Jenkins (Col. ’10)

Programming Chair

Timothy Wheeler

Ex Officio (Executive Director)

Jenn Brice

Communications Chair

Mike Bass

Events Co-Chair

Jason Ally (Col. ’12)

Fundraising Chair

Sonia Gupta

Networking Chair

Ben Tobin

Scholarship Chair

Gregory J. Trevor (Col. ’86)

At-Large Members:

  • George Rodrigue
  • John Lumpkin
  • Mike Reingold
  • Laura Conner
  • Stuart Jones
  • Garrett Majdic
  • W. Michael Fagan