In order to ensure the future success of UVa Econ GRAD, we need the support of our alumni. Your support will help us achieve our goals, strengthening the UVa economics alumni community.

It is our sincere hope that you will consider contributing towards building our alumni network. Donations allow us to fund organized gatherings, such as our fall conference; maintain our website; and, in the future, contribute towards scholarships to fund exceptional research ideas.




Donation checks should be made out to the University of Virginia Fund. The designation of your gift should be denoted in the memo section of your check or in a letter accompanying your check.

Mail to:

University of Virginia Fund
Attn: UVa Econ GRAD
P.O. Box 400314
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314

Physical Address:

University of Virginia Fund
211 Emmet Street S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903


Online & By Phone

You may make a credit card gift with your Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express card using this secure donation form.

If you prefer to make a gift over the phone, please contact the UVa Fund at 434-924-7018 or email

Gifts of Securities & Stock

Electronic Transfer

Giving stock through electronic transfer is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account. Depository Trust Company, or DTC, is the clearinghouse for electronic security transfers. Each brokerage firm has a specific DTC number. When you wish to make a gift of stock, provide the following information to the transferring broker:

  • Account Name: University of Virginia Fund
  • Account Number: 84949411
  • DTC Number: 0715
  • Clearing Broker: Davenport and Company LLC
  • Reference: [Donor’s Name]

Please alert the UVa Fund at 434-924-7018 or email before the transfer so that the arrangements can be made with its broker to receive the stock. The UVa Fund cannot sell an unidentified security. At the same time, please indicate the purpose of the contribution, such as an annual gift, a pledge payment, or funds for a planned gift.

Our Address:

University of Virginia Fund

P.O. Box 400314

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314


Stock Certificates and Stock Powers

If you send a stock certificate that is in your name, a letter of intent must be included. Under separate cover, please send a signed stock power [PDF]. The UVa Fund does not recommend sending signed certificates. Stock powers are available from the UVa Fund or from any broker. On the stock power, your signature is the only item that is needed. If the certificate is in The UVa Fund’s name, no stock power is needed. The process for reregistering stock certificates (transferring the certificate into The UVa Fund’s name) can take from two to four weeks. Stock certificates should be sent to:

If sent by U.S. Postal Service: University of Virginia Fund Stock & Mutual Fund Gifts P.O. Box 400314 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314

If sent by other carriers: University of Virginia Fund Stock & Mutual Fund Gifts 211 Emmet Street South Charlottesville, VA 22903

If the certificates have been re-registered to The UVa Fund, a letter should be included identifying the donor and the purpose of the gift.

Using Share Transfer Form

The process of giving mutual fund shares takes a few more steps and more time to complete. In general, mutual fund companies do not allow shareholders to transfer mutual fund shares outside the fund. The shares must be transferred to an account the fund created for The UVa Fund.

Most mutual fund companies will allow a standard Transfer of Shares to New Owner Form that the transfer of shares from your account into an opened for The UVa Fund. The form must be completed through you and The UVa Fund. Leave the “transfer” portion of the form blank and allow The UVa Fund to it in.

All persons listed in the “transfer from” section of the form (owners of the account) must sign the form. All signatures must be medallion guaranteed, not notarized. Medallion guarantees are available at a bank or a brokerage.

After completing your portion of the form, please send it to the UVa Fund at the following address:

If sent by U.S. Postal Service: University of Virginia Fund Stock & Mutual Fund Gifts P.O. Box 400314 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4314

If sent by other carriers: University of Virginia Fund Stock & Mutual Fund Gifts 211 Emmet Street South Charlottesville, VA 22903

The UVa Fund will forward the form to the mutual fund company with instructions that the shares be sold and the proceeds sent to The UVa Fund.

If a Share Transfer Form Is Not Available If you are unable to obtain a form from your mutual fund company, you may write a letter addressed to the company authorizing the transfer of shares to The UVa Fund. All owners of the account must sign the letter, and the signatures must be medallion guaranteed. Please send the signed original of the letter to the UVa Fund at the address above so that they can attach a letter requesting the transaction.

Gifts of mutual fund shares do take some time to finalize, so advance preparation is recommended when the timing of a gift is critical.

Planned Giving

A growing number of alumni and friends support the University of Virginia through financial or estate planning. This process is known as “gift planning” and the gifts are referred to as “planned gifts.” Planned gifts may include plans from your estate (bequests, including wills or living trusts, retirement plans, and life insurance), plans that pay you income (charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts), and other types of gifts (personal property, privately held stock, and real estate).

If you would like to make a planned gift, please visit U.Va.’s planned giving website.