Dear Fellow Alumni,

We are very excited to announce the creation of UVa Economics’ Gatherings for Researchers with Advanced Degrees (GRAD)! UVa Econ GRAD is an Alumni Interest Group devoted to promoting and enriching economic research within the UVa alumni community. Our goals are to foster collaboration and networking among our members, recognize our alumni’s accomplishments, and support exceptional ongoing work.

We ask that you take 2 minutes to fill out our short survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about what our alumni are doing and their current level of connection with the economics department at UVa and its alumni. We hope to use this information to better engage our alumni community.

We intend to sponsor several alumni gatherings, for example; we plan to hold a gathering at the AEA/ASSA meetings and our First Annual UVa Econ GRAD Alumni Conference in the fall of 2016. For more information, please visit our new website –

In the future, UVa Econ GRAD will take additional strides to help better achieve its goals. If you would like to help support UVa Econ GRAD, please consider making a contribution through our website. Your contribution will support the upcoming conference, future gatherings, community newsletters, and the creation of scholarship and research awards. Even if you choose not to contribute, we hope that you will consider attending the conference next fall and keep an eye on our website for future events and news about the economics alumni community.

Many thanks,

Everett Grant (Ph.D, 2015)
Bill Johnson (M.A., 2013)
Jeff Schafer (M.A., 2012)