Fellow Elmos:

I am pleased to report that thirteen new pledges joined St. Elmo Hall on Bid Day, February 2nd. Although this is the smallest pledge class since 2009, the results are consistent with the goals set several months ago by the undergraduates, with the encouragement of the Alumni Board. As you may recall, Elmo took in three very large pledge classes in recent years, resulting in a membership size that was beginning to strain the physical capacity of the House while creating difficult management challenges. If this year’s RUSH had produced similar results, the four-class membership total would have swelled to over 75, clearly an unsus tainable level. Although targeting a specific membership size is obviously difficult, a total membership in the 60-70 range seems optimal, and our current total of 66 seems to be an appropriate size for our Fraternity.

As always, the quality of any pledge class is of paramount importance, and this year’s group will no doubt help St. Elmo maintain its status as one of the top fraternities at the University. Congratulations to Past President Drew Magee and RUSH chairman and newly elected President Sam Sisto for their hard work and leadership in guiding St. Elmo Hall to another successful RUSH.


Frank Shea
St. Elmo Club of UVA, Inc.

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