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St. Elmo Hall
at the University of Virginia

New Directors Add Depth to Board

John Lillard '52
John Lillard ’52

There have been several new Directors added to the Board the past few years, in keeping with the theme of getting “younger and more local.” James Zehmer ’02 works for the University as an Historic Preservation Project Manager, and has supervised a number of important restoration projects on the Lawn, including Pavillion X. Given the challenges of keeping our 105 year old building at 130 Madison Lane safe and in good repair, James’ expertise in architecture, engineering and construction is invaluable. Harrison Keevil ’05 is the Chef/Owner of the Brookville Restaurant, which opened on the Downtown Mall three years ago. Harrison has extensive training and experience as a chef in New York, San Francisco and London, and is mentoring our undergraduate Kitchen Managers in the operation of our Meal Plan. David Callaghan ’87, a longtime resident of Charlottesville, was until very recently a Major Gifts Officer for the College, and now works for SNL Financial in town. David is on the Board of Directors of the Fraternity Alumni Council (which Bill Daniel helped establish over 20 years ago) and will be playing a key role in the upcoming dialogue regarding fraternities. Finally, Nick Barry ’99, who lives in New York City, joined the Board earlier this year. He travels to Charlottesville frequently, as an active member and supporter of the Virginia Polo program. Nick, by his own admission, knows just about every Elmo in the New York Metropolitan area who’s graduated in the last 20 years, and his extensive contacts will be very helpful as our Alumni base gets younger.

James, Harrison, David and Nick have joined longtime local Directors Tommy Brannock ’79, David Foulk ’86, and Barry Robertson ’75 in giving the Board a very strong foothold in Charlottesville. To have so many Directors in close proximity to the House is a great advantage in dealing with our undergraduate members, and allows us to respond quickly to important situations. This strong local presence helps distinguish St. Elmo from the other fraternities on Grounds, and helps to give us a competitive edge.

One other Board-related event to note: This past November John Lillard ’52 stepped down as a Director, after many years of service to the Alumni Board and St. Elmo. “I thought it was a good time to retire”, John said recently. “The Elmo Board is doing a great job, and the active brothers are carrying on well. The fraternity is in good hands”. Although he will be missed, we are grateful that he accepted the position of Chairman Emeritus, and that we will still be able to call on him for his experience and wisdom.