Dear Elmo members and parents,

We are all excited for the year ahead and have compiled the start of semester communications below. Each letter is import in their own regard. We ask that review each and discuss as a family as you return to Grounds. We share common goals in achieving success over the year ahead, and wish you all health and safety.

St. Elmo Club of Virginia

A note from the alumni president:

Dear Elmo,

Welcome back to Charlottesville, UVA, and 130 Madison Lane. I dearly hope that this year will (finally) be different than the last two.

As we start the year, I want to remind you that the friendships you form during your years here are what make Elmo special. Having this group of people that care about each other makes us better students, global citizens, and men. I would like to encourage each of you to cherish these friendships, while challenging each other to strive for success on and off Grounds.

From my own experience and my observations from the classes before you, this success is most meaningful when shared as a team. I’d like to encourage each of you to start the semester with a plan and hold each other accountable. Your GPA matters to employers. Let me reiterate, your GPA matters, and can quickly exclude you from those select jobs you will seek. It will likely be prominent on your resume for several years (something I wish I understood sooner). Please keep each other accountable as you attend classes this semester.

Community service is a great way to round out the UVA experience and is often most rewarding as a group. Please consider active participation in the community beyond Grounds. Madison House is a great start, but note that their programs require registration during the first week of the school year or sooner. Please give back; you will be glad you did.

Lastly, on behalf of the alumni, I ask that you take the stewardship of the House seriously. This includes the physical house, our relationship with the administration, and our reputation. We are fortunate to have the historic, iconic residence on Madison Lane. Our goal is to keep it in service for another century so that we always have a place to call home in Charlottesville and UVA.

Michael Ledwith
President, St Elmo Hall Club of Virginia

Go Hoos!

A note from your “Charlottesville Mom”:

Tommy and I are thrilled about your upcoming return to UVA! Charlottesville is a much better place with y’all here – we love the energy, love, and curiosity you bring to our community.

For the students and parents I have not yet met: I am here to act as a resource, a sounding board, and someone to lift spirits. If you are in a pickle, I can help. I have seen it all and done most of it all. I can not be shocked. I do not judge. My goal is health, happiness, and safety for all involved with Elmo. When it comes to Elmo, I have gone to court, fired and hired trash/cleaning services, fixed broken things, shown up with new picnic tables, been a taxi service, cooked, cleaned, made nice with local police, received packages, written tenant reference letters, packed and moved belongings, decorated for Halloween, explained the differences between King/Queen/Full/Twin, helped with special events, and more. No subject is off limits. Everything can be fixed. Honesty is all that is required. “Shoot me straight” and we can find a resolution. You may not need a thing, and that is wonderful. If you do need something, Tommy and I live off Alderman Road – we are close to Grounds and willing to help. My cell is 434-242-1617

Here’s the nitty gritty: Unlike most fraternities at UVA, St. Elmo Club of Virginia owns the house and the land at 130 Madison Lane. This is special. The care of the house matters to me, although the safety and well being of the members and their guests is priority number one in my mind. Always. That being said, I expect the members to respect and care for the house. We have three groups that make things run smoothly to create a positive experience for everyone at 130 Madison Lane:

1) Everyone knows and loves Carolann, your resident chef. I know she is excited for your return to Charlottesville, and she will have the kitchen in full swing upon your arrival. Let her know what you love. Let her know ASAP about food allergies. Thank her often. Respecting her space is essential. Carolann should not arrive to cook for you and find that your car is blocking her parking space (reserved for her 7am-7pm M-Th and 7am-2pm Fri). She will be towing this year if someone is blocking her space. She should not have to tip toe over broken glass and other unsightly trash when walking downstairs to the kitchen.

2) Night and Day Cleaning will be at the house every Monday to clean the bathrooms and common areas. Picking up trash and putting it in a trash can before their arrival ensures they can complete deep cleaning of surfaces and spend less time picking up beer and white claw cans. These folks are hourly employees who do the unpleasant work most others will not do – appreciate and thank them, please. Things look (and smell) differently when they do not show up for work.

3) Brad and his crew at Piedmont are the guys that make sure the house is in good working order. Their concern is safety and building maintenance. Finding “fix it” guys in Cville is not easy. If the air conditioner breaks, you want Brad to arrive quickly and make things cool. See these guys as a necessary and important part of Elmo. Respect the work they do. The relationship between Piedmont and Elmo has not always been a bowl of cherries. We get a fresh start every year. Please take this seriously.

When we treat our support staff with respect, life is so much more enjoyable for all involved. If you are struggling, I know we can find a solution together. Savor every last moment of your summer and get excited for a wonderful semester in Charlottesville.

Need anything?! Questions? Please let me know!


A note from the undergraduate treasurer:

Dear parents,

I hope you all are having a safe and enjoyable summer. As Elmo’s current undergraduate Treasurer, I’m reaching out to provide an update to our social calendar and a refresher on fraternity dues in advance of the hectic back-to-school period. On October 23, 2021, Elmo will be hosting a Parents Tailgate to welcome brothers back and celebrate the resumption of in-person athletics, with additional logistical details to follow. All family members are welcome to attend, and we look forward to seeing you there.

We’re also organizing a number of other social events for the upcoming semester and have decided to get a jump start on the Social Dues collection process to ensure plenty of time for event planning. Please note that our social calendar is subject to adjustment or rescheduling based on the evolving COVID situation and corresponding Charlottesville/school gathering guidelines. Social Dues this semester will total $850 and are collected via Venmo (username: AlexBrown72) or paper check made out to “Treasurer, St. Elmo Hall” at 130 Madison Ln // Charlottesville, VA 22903. These funds primarily cover social and philanthropic activities as well as annual RUSH activities.

Membership dues are separate from Social Dues and will be emailed directly to you or your son as designated when logging into Greekbill. For non-residents of St. Elmo Hall, for the 2021/2022 academic year fees for each semester include (a) a Parlor Fee of $800 to cover the operations of the House and (b) a Food Plan Fee of $1,050 to cover meals in the dining area. Each member must participate in the Food Plan. These fees may be adjusted slightly up or down each semester based upon our operating costs for the prior semester and budgeted food costs for the current semester. We operate the house and food plan on a breakeven basis. In addition, we charge each member a security deposit of $100 in the fall semester and possibly again in the spring semester to cover excessive wear and tear on the house. In the event a member takes a semester abroad, the Parlor and Food Plan Fees are eliminated.

We have eleven (11) rooms which are generally rented to house officers and other upperclassmen, subject to availability. A member pays a Rental Fee of $2,550 or $2,700 per semester for his room, dependent on the room’s location (two rental prices). In addition, a Room Deposit of $650 is billed each fall.


Elmo Non-Resident: 
Parlor Fee: $800
Food Plan: $1,050
Rent: $0
Subtotal: $1,850
Social Dues: $850*
Total: $2,700** 

Elmo Resident: 
Parlor Fee: $800
Food Plan: $1,050
Rent: $2,700 (highest rent)
Subtotal: $4,550
Social Dues: 850*
Total: $5,400**

* Billed directly by undergraduate Treasurer and not part of GreekBill system.
** Before security deposit ($100 non-resident and $650 resident).

A non-resident member should budget $2,700 (for parlor fees, meals, and social dues) each semester (and most likely a security deposit of $100 each fall); a resident member should budget up to $5,400 (for room, parlor fees, meals and social dues) each semester (plus $650 Room Deposit, refundable in whole or in part following inspection for damages during the rental period). We maintain a firm collection policy; however, we are prepared to work cooperatively with you/your son on financial matters. If a question or concern arises, please don’t hesitate to call or contact me at the address below.

Alexander Brown
130 Madison Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(571) 419-7556