Cocktails at The Commonwealth Club
Thursday, April 11, 2019
6:00 p.m.

Please join the undergrads and fellow alumni for a cocktail party at The Commonwealth Club. Meet the new goats and join old friends for the rekindling of this Hall tradition. See the new class here. Tickets are $50 per person. To help subsidize the cost for the undergraduates, please consider “sponsoring” a brother to attend Cocktails at the Commonwealth Club. We would ask that you please consider a donation of $50, this can be completed on your registration form.

  Members signed up as of Tuesday, April 10

Name Year
Richard Sowers 1966
Walter Bundy 1969
Bill Earthman 1975
Granville Valentine 1977
Ron Cain 1979
Dick Mulligan 1980/84
Thomas Valentine, Sr 1980
Lyons Brown 1982
Bart Farinholt 1984
Jess Ellington 1985
Brad Nott 1985
Bagley Reid 1987
Gregory Brown 1989
Beau Hurst 1989
Teddy Damgard 1990
Ned Parrish 1995
Danny Van Clief 1999
Britton Williston 2000
Cody Tafel 2002
Noah Greenbaum 2007
Rishi Pahuja 2008
Gordon Crenshaw 2011
Austin Holbrook 2011
Landon Moore 2011
Tom Ellington 2012
Owen Nott 2014
Kyle Reeves 2017
Will Tucker 2017