Congratulations to our Award Winners

The Executive Committee wishes to recognize the following members for their distinctive contributions to the Hall this semester.

Best Probationary Member: Mr. Andrew Chambers

Best Probationary Presentation: Mr. Caleb Briggs

Joseph L. Bishop Award for Newly-Crossed Over Member: Mr. Lou’ay Hussein

Harrison Bush Award for Regular Member: Ms. Virginia Chambers

Congratulations to our New Members

This semester, the Probationary Committee did what it normally did: prepped Probationary presentations, helped integrate Probationary members socially, and served as a contrasting counterculture to the Hall. At the end of the semester, 31 Probationary members crossed over into regular membership, and one was offered carry-over probationary membership. This semester, we decided to focus more on ensuring that Probationary members were engaged socially with the Society; after all, what is any organization but a series of relationships? Content without human connections is no different than a lecture, and that is an atmosphere we are trying to avoid. It appears to have gone well, but only time will show whether we have been successful.

Daniel R. Jachim
Probationary Chair, Fall 2018

Presentations that Passed with Distinction
Ms. Emma Camp, literary presentation entitled “Past and Prologue”
Mr. Sean Stuhlsatz, speech entitled “Problems with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act”
Mr. Caleb Briggs, literary presentation entitled “The Carolina Chronicles”