Cavalier Fishing Team

This year, several KA’s recognized an unmet need at the University and started UVA’s first competitive bass fishing team. Five out of the six leadership positions on the Cavalier Fishing Team are currently held by members of the Order, including the role of President (Ruslan Thomas), Vice President (Noah Shahinian), Treasurer (Sam Nadjari), and more. In a few short weeks, the team drew considerable interest and now has 41 students actively engaged in team meetings, connection with sponsors, and intense focus on competing in fishing tournaments around the United States.

In addition to acquiring a practice facility at Adventure Farms just outside of Charlottesville, the team was recently officially sponsored by Wounded Warrior, Rapid Fishing Solutions, and Rod Glove. Many other negotiations are still underway with companies like Bass Pro Shops and Tackle Warehouse, and these companies could provide the team with an abundance of resources to make a bigger impact in the greater fishing community. The initial phase of starting this team has been productive in meeting its goals thus far and that’s said with a great appreciation to members of the Order. We look forward to providing continued updates of the team’s accomplishments.