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Kappa Alpha Order | Charlottesville Area Alumni Chapter

On May 15, 2013, JoCVille Alumnihn and Trula Wright hosted the 1st gathering of the Kappa Alpha Order Charlottesville Area Alumni Chapter. There were nine alumni in attendance and two active Lambda chapter members. Of the two active Lambda members, Dan Smith (former #1) will be graduating and Jay Everett (current #6) will serve as the point of contact for correspondence with the local Lambda chapter. Jackson Wilbur is now serving as the current Alumni Chair.

The goal of the Charlottesville Area Alumni Chapter is to host social events for local KA’s to meet and network, support the local Lambda chapter, and facilitate recruitment by recommending potential new members to active chapters. The group is open to KA’s in the Charlottesville/Central Virginia area. Within a 30-mile radius of Charlottesville, there are over 300 KA alumni. To stay up-to-date, please contact Matt Hollomon ( or like the Facebook page by clicking here.