William Hampton Clemens is the Zeta Chapter’s Grand Master. Will is a second-year from Salem, Virginia.

Andrew “Andy” Higgins Aube is the Zeta Chapter’s Grand Procurator. Andy is a second-year from Rye, New York.

Nelson Lamkin IV is the Zeta Chapter’s Grand Master of Ceremonies. Nelson is a third-year from Nashville, Tennessee, and is majoring in Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Luke Alexander Ashton is the Zeta Chapter’s Grand Treasurer. Luke is a third-year from Norfolk, Virginia, and is majoring in Biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences on the pre-medicine track.

Matthew William Cha is the Zeta Chapter’s Grand Scribe. Matthew is a third-year from Atlanta, Georgia, and is majoring in Systems Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Non-Executive Committee Elected Positions

Alumni Chair: William “Cooper” Wyatt ’25
House Manager: Henry Franklin Fernelius ’25
Kitchen Manager: Jason Ting Hopper ’25
Philanthropy Chair: Coleman Carlisle Wray ’25

Bologna Society Members

Michael Amrhein ’89, President
Dane Ferré ’12
Charles Westfall ’89

Last Updated: February 2023