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Wilson Trice ’72

Happy to see the website up! Best wishes from this old ***** to all actives and alumni. I see you now call the occupant of 46 your Shrine Scholar. It was my privilege to live there but I do not think it was awarded to me on the basis of scholarship. I think the election turned on my being the member of my 4th year class most likely to be willing to entertain any time of the day or night.

Bill Brinton ’74

I can attest to the fact that Wilson Trice was always willing to entertain 24/7, which was true for just about every brother at the K Zoo Palace in the early 1970s. It was the most congenial and diverse group that I have ever known. It is an honor to be an alumni from that era. I also remember a call in the early 1980s when Wilson suggested that I make a financial investment in a partnership that would help the House and generate some tax benefits. It was a great investment that actually paid off. Thanks Wilson. And for the record, I believe I still hold the land speed record between Roanoke and Charlottesville (May 1974), and then there was the earlier road trip to Cleveland, OH (September 1973). Some stories should probably remain under seal forever. Thank you for the website.

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  1. I’m Roger Broome, Zeta 1965.
    I’m wondering if the Chapter is involved in any way with the celebrations of the Fraternity’s 150th Anniversary being held in Charlottesville later this month?
    I can be reached at: or 276-340-4527
    Many thanks!

  2. Kappa Sigma from the begining always at the forefront. Happy New Year 2023 to all.

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