Congratulations Gysgt Coulter!

On September 1st, the unit’s AMOI Charlie Coulter was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. A promotion ceremony was held on September 5th for GySgt Coulter at Maury Hall with family, midshipman, and staff.

“Being promoted to E-7 is one of the most significant events in a marine’s career. GySgt Coulter has earned the trust and confidence of the Marine Corps and I know that he will be an exceptional senior enlisted leader”, said UVA NROTC Commanding Officer Capt Mike Cashman. GySgt Coulter was chosen for promotion at this year’s selective annual board competing with about 800 other Staff Sergeants. A motor transport chief by trade, GySgt Coulter has been deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to working as Marine Martial Arts Instructor and Sgt Instructor at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA for the past two summers. “Now as a Gunnery Sergeant my job in the fleet will shift to company level operations and logistics in addition to increased responsibility. However, my job at the UVA unit will remain the same: training and leading midshipmen while assisting them to develop into successful officers” said Coulter.