There may be a prevailing notion that the Department of the Navy provides ALL funds needed for the smooth operation and training of ROTC midshipmen. That may have been the case at a one point in time, but that is NOT the case anymore.  Support from the Navy has become much more narrow and specific.  The majority of funding for the Unit is now supplied by generous alumni donations.



Operating Fund

This fund will be used to support operations orders like the Navy and Marine Corps Birthday celebrations, field exercises, Villanova Drill Competition, Family Weekend, Commissioning, Dining Out, Dining In, or any new operations orders yet to be created.  Support from this fund will help drive the cost of event tickets down and help to take the financial burden of many events off of midshipmen.  Depending on the growth of this fund, it could also support greater morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

Endowment Fund

This fund will act as a reserve for long-term support of the midshipmen battalion.  This includes updating the computer room and lounge, in addition to other long-term investments and initiatives. Two such examples are the creation of a powerlifting area at one end of the lounge and updating Marine Option paintball gear for more effective use during training.