The 1940 Society

The 1940 Society is a group of individuals who have helped support the University of Virginia Naval ROTC Unit with major financial contributions of more since its inception. They are the pillars that allow the Unit to commission Navy and Marine Corps officers to a standard of which Mr. Jefferson would be proud. Many training opportunities and Unit traditions would cease to exist without their support.

Mr. Charles A. Read 1941
C. Downing Tait, Jr., M.D 1943
Mr. Richard E. Williams 1944
Mr. Jacques S. Zinman 1944
Dr. Edward C. Wingfield 1946
Mr. C. Wesley Peebles, Jr. 1948
Mr. T. Walley Williams III 1954
Mr. Robert A. Leavenworth 1957
Mr. W. Wallace Morton, Jr. 1958
Mr. James W. Todd 1960
CAPT Jerry M. Harris, USN(R) 1973
Mr. Peter Quick 1978
Mrs. Crisler B. Quick 1978
CAPT Marvin H. Heinze, USN 1979
Mrs. Christine Reynolds Whitlow 2008
Mr. Christopher J. Heywood 2009
Mr. Robert F. Abels
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Williams

UVa NROTC Supporters

Z. Constantine Xefteris (R)1946William R. Murray USMC (Ret)1975
T. Walley Williams III1954Terry Don Ricks1977
Warren F. Chauncey1956Dave Van Petten1977
J. F. Brooke III USN (Ret)1958Jack J. Foran Jr. USN (Ret)1979
W. Wallace Morton Jr.1958Marvin H. Heinze1979
James G. Cosby1961Maureen C. Sullivan1987
Alexander Gaylord Monroe USN (Ret)1964J. Ryan Rose2001
Robert E. Shaw1967Jonathan Kassoff2007
Charles L. Weber Jr. USN1968Molly P. Laufer2007
C. Thomas Faulders III1971Matthew R. Jibilian2012
Neill H. Alford III1973Harry J. Lesher2012
Jerry M. Harris USN(R)1973Burnell A. Clemmer2013
Howard Tompkins Tripp III1973Christine & William Whitlow