Annual Giving Appeal

Dear Brother,

As a graduating 4th year, my most fond memories of The University will revolve around the wonderful traditions that accompany being an undergraduate brother in Phi Delta Theta. The Virginia Beta chapter stands as a testament to what fraternities can achieve through a lasting commitment to brotherhood and by pushing each other to become stronger men. One tradition that I am very excited to join as a graduate is that of annual giving to Phi Delt.

Our alumni base since 2001 has grown to an impressive 143 men, and we are ever aware that the current excellence of the undergraduate chapter is a direct result of your efforts over the years. Continued involvement in the form of annual giving has the potential to dramatically build upon this foundation to ensure that Phi Delta Theta remains the best fraternity at UVa for years to come. The Alumni Housing Corporation manages gifts through annual giving and directs general donations toward the house. Lease payments and annual house costs account for approximately half of the fraternity’s overall expenses, and your donations to the house have the ability to help us maximize our investment in 1703 Grady Ave.

We consistently maintain one of the highest GPA’s on grounds and regularly receive recognition from The University for our contributions, all with an incredible diversity of members. To continue this diversity and to encourage the high achievement of our brothers, we are pleased to spearhead annual giving efforts by encouraging gifts directed toward a newly created academic scholarship. This scholarship, based on need and merit, will help defray the cost of books for the winning student and could be reasonably endowed through annual giving totaling $6,000 in the next year. We would also like to offer naming rights to the brother who directs the most significant contribution toward the scholarship in 2010.

Giving by credit card is available online at, or instructions are on the included return mailer. Ultimately, we ask you to consider making a gift that will be meaningful and more importantly, sustainable. We are grateful for your support, and we are proud to be continuing the traditions you have begun.


Matthew A. Hanna, ’10