The Campaign to Save 159

Ninety Years on Madison Lane:

The Current and Future State of the House

Ninety years of usage have taken a toll on the iconic Phi Kappa Psi house.  Since the early 1920s, the house at 159 Madison Lane has been a landmark of the University of Virginia and the crown jewel of the Greek houses surrounding Mad Bowl. For many years, house repairs were not addressed prudently, and the condition of the house worsened.  A redoubled effort by the current generation of brothers, alumni, and the Phi Psi-owned house corporation—Montalto Inc.—is starting to improve the state of the house through a landmark renovation effort, The Campaign to Save 159. Within the past year, renovations to the Phi Psi house have included the construction of a new kitchen, new laundry room, new  flooring for the house Chapter Room and Foyer, as well as new windows and lighting. While Montalto’s involvement has greatly improved conditions at the house, there is still much to be done. Within the next year, House Manager Rob Manion (’15), President David Fontenot (’15), and the members of Montalto Inc. plan to continue renovation efforts. Among other issues, the facade, bathrooms, and the weatherproofing of the house still need to be adequately addressed in the coming months and years ahead. Alumni donations are integral to facilitating these efforts. As it stands, Montalto Inc. is committed, but financially unable to respond to every necessary issue that arises. With donations to the Chapter  Renovation Fund, the brothers of Phi Psi will be able to cherish their second home at 159 Madison Lane for years to come. For more information about donations, or to get involved, visit