2023 House Update

Tucker Benton ʼ24 & Kyle McDonald ʼ24 laying down a new floor for the kitchen during work week

Thanks to your support, the brotherhood was able to complete many repairs and improvements to the house during work week this year. The work done included:

  • Laying down a new tile floor in the kitchen
  • Building a storage shed for the back yard
  • Fixing the downspout and patching some holes in the gutters
  • Powerwashing the basement
  • Adding air conditioners to the first-floor bedrooms
  • Standardizing the locks for all the bedroom doors
  • Repairing several windows
  • Painting three bedrooms
  • Patching drywall, caulking bathrooms, and giving the whole house an intense cleaning

The brothers got a lot accomplished and are excited to have a better place that they can call home! Your continued support will help them continue making these important improvements to the house.

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