Andrew Bond

New Orleans, LA

College of Arts & Sciences, 2003
Tulane University, MA 2009

Andrew lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, a place he never imagined calling home growing up in suburban Virginia. Massive potholes and life under sea level aside, he happily spends most days working as a teacher, advisor, and class dean at Isidore Newman School and evenings cavorting with family and friends. Each summer he serves as the Dean of Faculty for Breakthrough New Orleans, a non-profit focused on expanding educational and social opportunities for high potential and underserved middle school students from public and charter schools throughout the city. Prior to relocating to New Orleans following Katrina, he taught sixth grade at Tilden Middle School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and served as a member of the Student Life team at Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois.

While at UVa, Andrew was an enthusiastic goalie of the club water polo team, member of “The Great Ones,” three time champion inner-tube water polo team, and also a proud and shoeless member of Resident Staff, eventually serving as Co-Chair of McCormick Road his fourth year.