Join the Board

Thank you for your interest in the Board of the Directors of the Serpentine Society.

The Board is a dynamic group of UVA alumni across generation, geographic location, sexual orientation and gender identity. We are constantly striving to make our board more diverse and inclusive of the true make up of the graduates of the University.

There is no “typical” time commitment or level of involvement associated with board membership. As a volunteer position, Board members give of themselves and their time in a way that is meaningful to them individually while being present to the needs of the organization and the mission and vision statements to which we adhere.

Board meetings via teleconference are held on the second Monday of each month for about an hour.

Additionally, each board member sits on 1-3 of the following committees, with the option of holding a chairpersonship. Each committee meets via teleconference on a regular basis.

  • Executive Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • LGBTQ Studies Committee

Typically, in October or November, we convene for our annual “Fall Weekend,” during which we conduct an in-person board meeting, along with other programs and events structured to foster connections with other alums and current students.  Participating in the weekend’s events is strongly encouraged for all board members.

Participation in Chapter activity is also strongly encouraged of board members, in cities where this is applicable.

Lastly, tenure to the board lasts for a duration of three years, with the option to be re-elected onto the Board for another term.

Again, thank you for your application.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns by emailing us at