Paid Student Fellowship

The Serpentine Fellowship is a paid position that works with board members, Alumni Hall staff, and the larger university community to aid in realizing the Society’s vision of connecting all LGBTQ+ community members. The Society is not currently accepting applications.

Current Fellows

Landon Holben

2021 Foreign Affairs, Media Studies, and Russian and East European Studies | He/Him/His

Landon is currently a J.D. Candidate at Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law. A 2021 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, this is Landon’s second year in the position of Special Projects Fellow. As the Special Projects Fellow, he has worked to compile and archive the Serpentine Society’s history and efforts, supported scholarship initiatives, assisted in the planning of events, and more. At UVA, Landon was the Managing Editor and Media Manager of the Virginia Journal of International Affairs, a writer for the Virginia Review of Politics, a news reporter for WUVA, and a member of Student Council’s Academic Affairs Committee. Previously, Landon has worked as a visiting researcher for smart city technology in Dublin, IE, and as a fellow on several local political campaigns.

Mariatu Mansaray

2016 Foreign Affairs + Women, Gender, and Sexuality (WGS)| She/Her/Hers 

Mariatu is an alumna of the College of Arts and Sciences.  This is Mari’s second year as the Communications Fellow and is responsible for external outreach and cross media messaging. During her time at UVA, Mariatu served as the Political Action Committee co-chair. Mari is currently working in healthcare with plans to pursue medical school. In her free time she enjoys going to wineries and watching tv with her puppies. 

Ethan McCue

2023 Foreign Affairs & Arabic Language|He/Him/His

Ethan is pursuing a degree in Foreign Affairs & Arabic Language and a minor in Spanish. He is on the Reider-Otis scholarship committee and has also worked with the LGBTQ Speakers Bureau to raise awareness on grounds. He has served as the Serpentine Society’s Operations Fellow since August 2021 and is responsible for general behind-the-scenes logistics as well as event planning. Outside Serpentine, Ethan is a Social Co-Chair in Brown Residential College, a Senior Consultant in the socially responsible consulting group Enactus, and External Sponsorships Lead for the UVA Solar Car Team. In his free time he enjoys reading Spanish literature and staring at trees through the window while writing his bio.