Serpentine Society Grants

Serpentine Society Grant Application

The Serpentine Society provides grants to highly-motivated LGBTQ+ students with financial need.

Current undergraduate and graduate students who attend the University of Virginia on a full-time basis can apply for a grant. Decisions will be based on academic achievements, financial need, essays, extracurricular activities, and awards demonstrating exceptional commitment to bettering the LGBTQ+ community at UVa and beyond. Recipients can re-apply for a grant one year after receiving a grant. If you have a significant change in financial need, you may apply two semesters in a row and explain the need. Non-recipients may re-apply with an updated application each semester. Grants will generally be distributed in September and January but will be reviewed for urgent need on a rolling basis.

Awarded funds will be applied to the student’s account by the Student Financial Services office.

If you have any questions about the grant application, please email

To help us make a grant decision, we ask for your permission to work with Student Financial Services to understand your full set of aid. Please go to this website,, complete Net Badge authentication, and click on “Sign In With Your Institution”. Then click on “My Applications” and complete the two-question General Application to release your records to us.
  • Although we don't generally send mail, we may send something related to any grants received. Please include an address where you feel comfortable receiving mail.
  • The EFC is the total approximate dollar amount of financial contributions you expect from relatives over the coming semester to help pay for your attendance at UVA.