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House Update

House Condition

The house itself is as sound as most on Grounds— it was built in 1928 on a Board of Visitors grant of land from the President’s lot on Carr’s Hill. A major $450,000 restoration in 1986, converted the third-floor attic to eight additional bedrooms and a gang bath and meeting room, new HVAC and electric systems and painting and plastering throughout the house.  The house is architecturally significant and is the largest fraternity or sorority house at UVA  with 10,000 plus square feet. In 2017, we paid off the 30-year  mortgage secured in 1987 and the house is now mortgage-free.

The Chapter brothers are financial partners with the House Corporation in funding the upkeep and improvements to the House and paid over $25,000 over the past two semesters adding to our Management Reserve Fund. In the past 18 months, we have made over $35,000 in improvements, significantly funded by alumni contributions. Among other items, we installed a first-class Wi- fi system, made improvements to the baths, replaced light fixtures, repaired the mortar on the front steps,  installed new washers /dryers, installed a sump pump to abate flooding, added furniture upgrades, and refinished the main level wood floors. Recently, again with the aid of alumni contributions, we were able to restore the portico’s 90-year-old columns, paint the front façade, and install new stairs for easy access to the front.