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Beta Chapter Awarded Rock Chapter Status

Dear Beta Brothers,

Please enjoy this recent press release from Sigma Nu National announcing the award of Rock Chapter status to the Beta Chapter. This is a highly coveted award given to the top rated 20 Sigma Nu chapters out of the 280 total nationwide.

The award is based on the chapter hitting highest marks in all categories including academics, philanthropy, leadership roles on Grounds, financial stability and growth, and education of membership. This is the first time Beta has been awarded Rock Chapter status.

The award reflects the hard work of the brotherhood during the past six years since rechartering in 2017. It also reflects the financial, leadership, and mentoring support of many of our 900 alumni brothers. We are among the top fraternal organizations nationwide as well as on Grounds, and the men expect to continue to strive towards excellence in coming years. Many thanks for your support.

We were also excited to share this exciting achievement with President Ryan. See below for his note of congratulations:

“Congratulations to the Beta Chapter for receiving the prestigious Rock Chapter award from Sigma Nu National! This achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of the men in the fraternity.

I’ve appreciated their very successful commitment to being a good neighbor to Carr’s Hill, and I look forward to seeing continued success from the chapter. Congratulations again!


The chapter looks forward to meeting returning alumni throughout the year, especially at Homecomings Weekend on October 6-8, 2023.

The Beta Chapter Alumni Advisory Board