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Sigma Nu
at the University of Virginia

Brotherhood Update from the Chaplain

Image of Sigma Nu brothers gathered at the Outer Banks

Hello, my name is Ethan Jenkins, a third-year electrical engineering student from Long Beach, CA, and current Chaplain of the Beta Chapter. My goal as Chaplain has been to build on the hard work of my predecessor, McCall Sinclair, while introducing some new traditions. This past semester, we had our annual Brotherhood Retreat in the Outer Banks for a weekend of bonding. We competed in friendly contests like cornhole tournaments, a brotherhood race, and our annual hot dog eating contest, which Brother Wood won with a record 17 hot dogs! Evenings, at the retreat, were spent together, offering an open forum to address chapter matters, brainstorm improvements, and plan new initiatives.

Ethan Jenkins Headshot

We also continued the “Polar Plunge,” a cherished tradition of diving into the cold ocean together, symbolizing our collective commitment and love for the brotherhood. We have also added a new brotherhood area in the front yard of our chapter house, with a fire pit installed by brother Maximilian Van Zandt. This area has become a beloved part of the chapter house, and we have been able to spend numerous nights together by the fire sharing stories, telling jokes, and watching movies.

Outside of these larger chapter-wide events, the brotherhood has been making the most of Charlottesville and each other. We’ve hiked through the Blue Ridge Mountains, swam in the nearby reservoir, gathered to witness the solar eclipse, and much more. Through these shared experiences, we have continued to grow closer to one another and created a strong and capable brotherhood to last for years to come.

Ethan Jenkins, Chaplain