Annual Alumni Fund. This year has seen the start of substantial alumni contributions to an annual fund for needed projects. We raised some $20,000 in Beta alumni contributions this past year from  50 alumni brothers across generations. As with virtually all UVA fraternities,  it is vitally important that we continue each year to receive significant alumni contributions via an annual fund to address deferred maintenance and upgraded furnishings. Current projects include repairing roof leaks ($4,000); partially replacing the gutters ($12,000); repairing the front masonry and handrails ($6,000);  improvements to the grounds and exterior lighting ($4,000), improving the kitchen and basement baths ($15,000); furnishings; and interior lighting upgrades ($5,000).

This year we will strategize about planning a capital campaign. We are now about the average condition for UVA fraternities and are competitive in rushing—especially since our party rooms and location are prime. Our HVAC systems and baths, along with the kitchen, will require updates in the next  3-5  years, however. A successful capital campaign would allow a  substantial restoration of the house, along with needed updates to the HVAC systems, baths, bedrooms, and common areas, and also allow a restored kitchen to support the chapter’s meal plan. We will update on a possible feasibility study to start in the spring.

We welcome all comments, suggestions and offers to volunteer in any capacity!

Please consider making a contribution of any amount to the Hopkins Society’s Management Reserve Fund. All alumni contributions are applied directly to repairs, upgrades, and furnishings. Checks made out to The Hopkins Society of Sigma Nu can be mailed to James Bogart.

James Bogart address is:
402 Mashie Dr. S.E.,
Vienna, VA 22180