Move-in day has always been one of great joy and chaos, and this year was no exception. We often overlook the near-perfect location of the House for the excitement of moving in with our best friends and sisters.

House manager Erin Dyer prepared a special playlist just for the occasion, and as always, House Mom Lana Kaydan welcomed residents with whom she has built relationships over their years in Theta.
Third years staggered moving times to prevent staircase traffic jams, as the house is at maximum capacity with 31 residents from the third year pledge class. When all was finished, the house girls had slightly pared down list of belongings, as some boxes that simply couldn’t fit returned home with parents.

This is the first year in the long line of Delta Chi history that the third year pledge class was too great in number to fit into 127 Chancellor Street. The remaining third years live dispersed in nearby locations such as 14th street and University Circle. They didn’t miss out on the fun that was move-in day, and continue to spend much of their time at the house from Sunday dinners to weekend sleepovers.

by Mary Gray Johnson (’16)


Lizzy Michler sits on her newly made bed in the “fish bowl” room.
Erin Dyer and Morgan Landow.
Erin Dyer and Morgan Landow.
Caroline Cooke and her mom stop for a picture during on move-in day.
Caroline Howard is happy to be unpacked in her new room.
Katie Harrell and Morgan Landow bring in loads of belongings from Chacellor Street.