Lizzie, ’18 posing in the Cosmo closet

I spent this past summer interning for Hearst Magazines in New York, NY. Other than small internships here and there in high school, I had never really worked a day in my life. However, I assimilated to the Hearst lifestyle quite quickly.

While at Hearst, I interned for the Public Relations Department as the personal assistant to the Public Relations Manager. The publications within Hearst that we generally focused on were, but not limited to, the digital websites for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, ELLE Magazine, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Each Monday through Wednesday, my internship began with creating a document filled with all of the press hits that,, and received overnight, and I would provide explanations for each hit. The rest of the day involved pitching out our magazine’s stories, working on TV segments, and updating communications lists on excel.

Additionally at Hearst, I interned for the Senior Style Editor on Thursdays and Fridays in the fashion closet at To be honest, the fashion closet is not as glamorous as it sounds, and I spent a lot of time logging shipments, unpacking and packing clothes, putting things on hangers, and organizing accessories and makeup. Nonetheless, everyone in the industry insists that fashion closet experience is necessary for the business and I learned a lot.

In conclusion, my internship at Hearst was my first “big internship” and it turned out to be very successful. It made me really excited about pursuing the media industry and I hope to intern for Hearst again this coming summer, at Hearst Magazines UK in London.

Lizzie taking a picture on set at a Hearst Shoot.

Lizzie Redd, ‘18