Thanks to the Alumni Board for voting me in as President for 2019-2021.  I appreciate the support and the opportunity to serve Xi Chapter.   At the same meeting, Mike Atwood ’74 was elected Secretary.  To ensure continuity, Will Teass ’97, outgoing secretary, will advise Mike in his new responsibilities. Will Moomaw ’14 was appointed Chair of the House and Grounds Committee.  Chris Winter ’07, outgoing chair, will continue to serve on the committee.

Troy Knowlton ’92, Pete Skelly ’05 and Miles Kirwin ’13 were also elected as new board members.  Patrick Higgins will continue as Treasurer and Mark Williamson ’81 as Vice President.  I’m impressed with the level of interest, expertise, and business backgrounds that the board possesses. 

Along with Will Teass, Bill Sullivan ’67, and Mark Chinn ’91 are retiring from the board.  We will miss their wise counsel and guidance, and appreciate their service on behalf of Xi Chapter.  During their tenure we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Xi Chapter at the University, and completed the $1.1 million renovation of the house.

-Mike Jones ’73