August 6, 2013

Capital Campaign Comes to a Close

When the Capital Campaign roars to the finish line later this year we will have raised $670,000, which includes the expectation that we will collect approximately $33,000 in remaining pledges. This is a remarkable achievement. In the space of approximately twelve months 387 alumni and undergraduate brothers have stepped up and delivered this key component of the Theta Chi Centennial Plan. Starting with the class of 1960, 100% of the classes have brothers contributing. For the decade of the 50’s eight of ten classes have brothers contributing. The earliest contributing class is 1949.

With this capital we were able to deliver the results that are now on view at 600 Preston Place, a facility that we can all be proud of, and one that past, present and future XI brothers can enjoy. When you next visit the house, there is so much to be seen that results from this $1.1 million project: the imposing new elevation facing Grady Avenue, the patio, the beautifully landscaped and sodded lawn, the fully renovated interior of the old house with a dedicated chapter room, a new kitchen, the five new bedrooms, the grand foyer on the second floor that links the old and new bedroom areas, the new bathrooms, the new Willy Alexander Room for meetings and entertainment, and the new dedicated party room.

In addition, there is so much that cannot be seen. There are many examples: a fully code-compliant storm water management system beneath a pervious pavement parking area, 100% rewiring of the old house including audio/visual/internet support, 100% replacement of plumbing, an HVAC system that serves the entire structure old and new, and a state of the art fire suppression system that serves the entire structure. As a result the house is now a substantially improved facility that is structurally sounder, more environmentally sensitive, more energy efficient, and a far safer place in which to live and party.

While raising capital was the key to moving forward with our renovation and expansion project, it was just one of many critical components. The team that enabled success includes members well beyond our brotherhood. To name some of these other stakeholders that come to mind when I reflect on our results: our neighbors around the Preston Place circle; the Venable Neighborhood Association of which Preston Place is a part; the city of Charlottesville Neighborhood Development department which co-ordinates interactions with all of the city departments which inform, support, and review construction projects such as ours; the Office of the Architect of the University; the Charlottesville Board of Architecture Review; the Charlottesville Planning Commission; the Charlottesville City Council; the UVA Alumni Association; the UVA Office of the Dean of Students; the law firms of Hunton & Williams, McGuire Woods, and Womble Carlyle; Piedmont Facilities Management, Westminster Presbyterian Church; Union First Bank; and of course R. E. Lee & Son and Tektonics Design Group.

Congratulations brothers!

“Honor our past and preserve our legacy for future brothers” – OX Centennial Plan


Campaign Committee

Bill Sullivan (’67)
Harvey Seegers (’75)
Curt Schade (’80)
Mike Chinn (’94)

Grady Lewis (’65)
Gregg Johnson (’75)
Patrick Harrison (’10)

Advisory Council:
Jay Garrett (’57)
Roger Adams (’64)
Bill Sullivan (’67)
Harvey Seegers (’75)
Rick Nadeau (’76)
Doug Starns (’77)
Curtis Shade (’80)
Dave Nadeau (’80)
Barry Cash (’83)
Randy Parks (’85)
Mike Lenox (’93)
Mike Chinn (’94)
Will Teass (’97)
Colin Quarmby (’01)
Brendan Dawson (’09)