Help us find lost composites!

Over the years many of the large chapter composites have been lost, damaged or stolen.  Led by Bill Sullivan ’67, we have started an effort to gather all the Xi Chapter composites.  All the composites will be professionally scanned and formatted into an electronic version.  Once in electronic version the composites will be placed on a TV in the chapter house and played on a continuous loop.  This way many generations of Xi Chapter can be proudly displayed in the chapter house without taking up tons of wall space.

If you have any ‘mini-composites’ please mail them to Will Moomaw, current undergraduate chapter president, at 600 Preston Place, Charlottesville, Va 22903.  We recommend using a ‘tube-mailer’ instead of a large envelope.  Will will scan the composites and mail them back to you.

The years highlighted in green in the chart below show what composites have been sent in and scanned.  We still need composites from all other years.  Please help us preserve Xi Chapter history!

8.18 composite archive table

If you have any questions please contact Bill Sullivan,, Will Moomaw,, or Chris Winter,