The wood floor replacement is finally complete!  We’ve been talking about this project for years and the results are well worth the wait.  We considered multiple flooring options, including laminates and tile, but ultimately we thought traditional wood floors would be more in line with the character of the house and also offer the option to refinish them occasionally to have them look good for years to come. Our maintenance partner Piedmont Facilities Management (PFM), performed the work with a scope that included removing the old subfloor, leveling the existing joists, laying a new subfloor, and installing new 2.5″ wide oak flooring.  This was done in the main floor of the house and the stairs to the second floor.  The entire project was sealed with a two part epoxy finish rated for heavy duty traffic that has held up well in other Greek houses.

In 2017 we had a large project to replace all the in-line gutters on the house and while those are doing fine, some of the other parts of the gutter system need maintenance.  The work includes cleaning the downspouts which flow into the property’s larger drainage system.  The new parts of the house have ‘normal’ gutters and some of those need to be re-graded for proper drainage.  This work is necessary as currently during heavy rain the gutters overflow which puddles by the house and ultimately gets into the basement.  A gutter project doesn’t have the visual impact (or the price tag!) of the wood floor replacement but it is necessary maintenance.  We’re optimistic that this routine gutter work will fix the basement water issues so that we can avoid more expensive alternatives.

The alumni corporation, the undergraduates, and PFM are in regular communication in order to maintain our property by doing preventative maintenance, addressing smaller issues as they occur, and planning for the future.  Your financial support allows us to keep the house shining for past, current, and future Xi Chapter brothers to make memories at 600 Preston Place.  We hope you can come enjoy it with us during Homecomings!


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