As the end of the school year is approaching, the active brothers are all working hard to find jobs or internships. To highlight a few success stories:

Brother Brandon Lima got an internship at Johns Hopkins, brother Jake Fullerton got an internship at Capital One, brother Ben Devico got a job at Broadway Technology, brother Zach Struble got an internship at Barclays, brothers Rohan Aggarwal and Jason Gerber both got jobs at Wall Street investments banks, brother Alex Weissman got an internship at McKinsey, and five active brothers received government clearances for their jobs.

Additionally, brothers Tyler Marx and Nick Sarris have created two cryptocurrencies (Belacoin and Stipend, respectively). Tyler is boosting the entrepreneurial spirit within the fraternity and helping brothers think of ideas for ventures and start them.

Brother Davis Eddy and Grayden Brock are fostering the musical talent of the house by pursuing their musical careers. Davis is getting gigs as a DJ and always provides free music at parties, and Grayden has not only been successful as a drummer in his band, but is also working on his solo musical career (releasing two singles since November). Grayden also provides free music at our day parties. If any of you would like to have a jam session with them, please feel free to reach out to them (please check the Theta Delta Chi Nu Charge Professional Database for their contact information).


last updated: February 2019