We are now at a month after our incredibly successful Alumni Weekend, so here is a recap below of everything that went on! Also, find some useful links for our social media groups (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and some info on helping our house (which is very much in need). Also, I’ll touch on our outstanding philanthropy Sorry for the delay. Let’s jump in!

On Friday, September 6 we had a wildly exciting tailgate for the UVA football team and their blinding WIN over the William & Mary Tribe! We had wings, burgers, brats, a truckload of beer, and great fun all-around. I heard Kevin McNerney beat everyone in a chugging contest.

Saturday we had two events, a career-building and networking event and a celebration of Kevin McNerney’s time as such a great leader of this house! At the career-building event we tackled problems that the house is having in regards to Rush, the Upcoming House Renovations, Alumni Outreach and Involvement, Living Conditions in the House, and Optimization of Finances.

  • Click here if you’d like to represent your pledge class as a class officer! We are trying to improve our ability to have clear and effective communication and the best way to do that is through the brothers you know.

We hosted the event for Kevin McNerney at Three Notch’d Brewery and Craft Kitchen, one of my favorite places. Brothers were able to come together, drink heavily, and thank Kevin for everything that he has done for us. Thanks Kevin!

We concluded the weekend with a nice brunch on Sunday at our beautiful house which was catered by Ace Biscuit & BBQ! What an awesome time we had, I hope to see everyone at next year’s weekend!

Soon after our Second Annual Alumni Weekend, we had our philanthropy event to support the Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA School) a local non-profit which is dedicated to helping people overcome the challenges of autism through innovative, evidence-based programs in education, outreach and adult services. Check out their website here to donate directly!

We raised over $500 for VIA School and we were so happy to have the opportunity to do it. We raised the money by getting Dean Groves to volunteer to be PIED in the FACE! Check out articles by CBS 19 and UVA Today for more information.