Our beloved Club member, teammate, and friend, JT Taylor (Class of ’83), passed away on Sunday, August 23, 2015. Please keep the Taylor family in your prayers.

“His students and players loved him for the positive outlook he maintained despite his physical challenges he endured, and for the way he approached life. No one has ever had a bigger heart.”

“Coach JT was an awesome dude. He lifted people up. One thing (among many) I will always remember about Coach is that he was almost always smiling. I never hung around him and felt sorry for myself or discouraged. RIP JT Taylor”

“You were called home far too soon, my friend, but rest assured you made all of our lives better. The world has lost some of its beauty and color and will never be quite the same. In your honor, I will wear a UVA shirt (that’s also tie-dyed) for the first time ever to celebrate your life on Friday. I’m sure you will be looking down on all of us and smiling that big smile of yours. Rest in peace, JT. We love you.”

“In a child’s life, that child will encounter many people in their lives. However, of all the people that I have met along the way to becoming an adult, Mr. Taylor made a lasting impact on me through his appreciation for life and people. He truly invested in people. His investment can’t be measured as he truly touched the lives of so many. Rocking the tie dye today in his honor.”

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