Class Day Races

The 2nd Annual Virginia Rowing Class Day Races took place under a perfect, clear sky. The Olympic-style format featured each year’s novice class racing its best athletes in singles, pairs, 4s, and 8s. New to this year’s racing format was the Coxswains’ Sprint, a nail-biting event.

All races were 500 meters, thereby placing a premium on fast starts. No class dominated the racing, but the 2nd year class did manage to accrue the most points, thereby earning the privilege of hoisting the coveted Class Champions’ trophy. According to their press secretary, the 2nd years are clearly the best class in the VRA’s history by virtue of winning both the ACRA championship last spring and the Class Day races this fall.

In the day’s premier event, the varsity coxswains managed to slip by the novice coxswains by a bowball at the line. A roar unlike any the Rivanna has ever heard rose from the crowd!

After the racing, the parents prepared a huge BBQ/picnic, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you, parents!