VRA Update and Final Countdown to State of the VRA Dinner

Dear VRA Family,

A brief twofold update on the team’s recent and upcoming happenings.

As many of you have heard, tragedy struck last week as we lost one of our own, first-year Nick Marshall. As you can imagine, the loss has hit us all hard, not only current team members but also alumni who suffered a similar loss when they were on the team. Luckily, it is in tough times that our true strength gets the opportunity to shine through. Virginia Rowing, has been a source of support for all, including Nick’s family, through this dark time.

The team traveled down to Atlanta, GA, and attended Nick’s funeral on Monday, February 12. The service honored Nick beautifully, allowing us to be together with his family and friends and share in the pain of the loss. Throughout this past week, the team has shown its character in its ability to take care of each other and to be there for Nick’s family. We greatly appreciate the outpouring of support from the extended VRA family who has not been with us here in C’Ville during this time. Your thoughts, words of wisdom, and care is very much appreciated and as Nick once said, helped “keep pushing the boat forward, together.”

In light of everything, we will still be hosting the 6th Annual State of the VRA Dinner this coming Saturday, February 17, at Potomac Boat Club in Washington, D.C. and we hope that you can join us. The much-anticipated State of the VRA Address will summarize the big changes we’ve made to the team this year, recap our successful fall season, and share the promising outlook for the spring. We look forward to getting the whole extended VRA family together and celebrating the program and the pillar it has been, is, and will be for generations of Virginia Rowers.

If you are not already registered to join us, it’s not too late! You can find more information and purchase tickets here; registration closes Thursday at 12:00 p.m.