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Declaration of Principles

Below is the letter all undergraduates sign before every school year


The University of Virginia writes her highest degree on the souls of her sons and daughters, instilling in them a commitment to her noblest traditions of Honor and Self-Governance. We recognize and respect Honor and Self-Governance, and we value their historical and ongoing importance in the University Community. As we have pledged ourselves to live lives of Honor during our years here and beyond, so we pledge ourselves to the responsibility attendant to Self- Governance.

We declare our acknowledgement and acceptance of these principles and responsibilities, deeming them to be consistent with the ideals of the University.

— We acknowledge that we attend the University in order to learn, and we accept our responsibility to invest ourselves fully in the academic process;

— We commit ourselves to our fraternity brothers. We accept responsibility for their physical safety and well-being, for guiding their behavior in a positive direction and for supporting their pursuit of happiness;

— We acknowledge our debt to the University, and we accept our responsibility to perpetuate its finer traditions and to contribute our time, our talent and our treasure to its betterment;

— We acknowledge the rich tradition of University leadership at the Beta Chapter of Zeta Psi, recognizing B. F. D. Runk, Pete Gray, Ed Carrington, Gus Blagden, Rodney Crowley and countless alumni who served the University as student leaders and who continue to lead as alumni. We accept our responsibility to follow in their footsteps;

— We acknowledge our membership among fraternities at the University. We accept our responsibility to abide by and support the policies of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and we accept our responsibility to promote goodwill and friendships with and among our fellow fraternities;

— We acknowledge our membership in the broader University Community, and we accept our responsibility to be good citizens thereof. We further acknowledge and accept our responsibility to take action whenever anyone’s physical safety is at risk, regardless of whether we are personally acquainted with those involved;

— We acknowledge and accept our responsibility to conduct ourselves as gentlemen; and

— We accept our responsibility to hold one another accountable, and we acknowledge that any breach of the aforementioned may be grounds for dismissal from the Chapter.

In declaration of these principles and commitments, each of the undersigned hereunto sets his hand.