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Last Call! ⏳Submit Your Vote for the 2024 AAPI Advancement Award

AAPAAN Alumni & Friends – we want your vote!

We are so appreciative of your continued participation in this year’s AAPI Advancement Award selection process. Because of you, we have already received numerous votes for this year’s candidates! If you haven’t yet participated in this year’s selection process, please cast your vote before the March 1 deadline.

As a reminder, the AAPI Advancement Award is given to a UVA faculty member in recognition of their contributions to the AAPI community. This year’s recipient will receive $5,000 to donate to their UVA department of choice! Below are the four candidates in the running. Please click on the image below to read more about them:

Image of 2024 AAPI Award Nominees

The award will be presented at the Second Annual AAPAAN Celebration Dinner on April 11, 2024. We hope you will register today and join us in celebrating our scholarship and Advancement Award recipients!

We are super excited to be able to present the AAPI Advancement Award at a time of transformative changes in Asian-American relations. Please help us make this event a success with your support – and vote!

Cast Your Vote!