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Most of AAPAAN’s activities take place within our committees. You are welcome to join a committee, even if you are not on the AAPAAN Council! Take a look at our committees and their responsibilities, and please contact the committee chair to see how you can get involved.

Programs Committee

The Programs committee focuses on building the AAPAAN network, including development of local chapter development. They work with local contacts on developing regional events and a membership base.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works with faculty, staff and students to inform the public and media about programs, initiatives, and other activities occurring with the organization.  The Communications Committee produces external communications (blog, social media posts and articles), as well as update multimedia assets.

Jin Li ’15


The Scholarship Committee is responsible for AAPAAN’s fundraising goals, strategies, and tactical implementation, including managing scholarship programs.

Randy Wong ’82


The Dear AAPAAN Committee is responsible for writing and publishing answers to questions submitted to Dear AAPAAN.  The program works as an ad hoc forum for questions or issues of interest to the student or alumni.  The questions are from an APA community perspective and address academic, professional or personal growth issues.

Wee Yee ’74


The Mentoring Committee is responsible for AAPAAN’s alumni to student career mentoring program.  The program aims to encourage networking and to provide academic and career support and guidance for undergraduates through the extensive and diverse experiences of their career mentors. Career mentors also have the opportunity to give back to the UVA and AAPA communities.

James Billings-Kang ’08